Broken Fork on Forklift

A Front Loader Fork lift had a broken fork.  Some folks say they don’t have much luck with welding the fork on  a forklift back together.  I do my best to not depend on “luck” to determine what I can or cannot do.  There is a specific procedure to weld these together.  First you must make certain the forks are parellel and they are lined up right.

Then preheat the forks to ensure the weld does not cool down too quickly as the forks are being welded.  It is critical that the filler rod is tougher than E7018 because the forks are typically a medium carbon steel and tougher than mild steel, I used E10018.

Here I used the back of my truck to align the forks, as if the truck needed the additional weight on it, it held up alright.


  1. Hello Ken –
    To answer your questions.
    I do have a specific procedure to weld forks. However, we have not had the forks tested by a laboratory to confirm the load diagram. We have seen in practice however that the forks held up over time.

    Please email me for the procedure.


  2. Hello,

    I’m a safety-advisor at the port of Antwerp (Belgium). Our 8000 dockworkers and technicians uses a lot of forklift trucks. Frequently we are confronted whit broken forks.

    There is a discussion about the re-welding of the fork in the heel of the fork. Some say that it is not possible to give the load diagram of a re-weld fork. In that case we cannot allow that those forks will be reused because we do not know if the fork will re-stand the load.

    I read on your site that you have a specified procedure to re-weld forks. Can you guaranteed a specific loading capacity after the re-welding? Is it possible to get some details of your procedure?

    I’m sorry for my terrible English. My native language is Dutch and I haven’t enough opportunities to exercise my written English


    ing. Ken De Smedt

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