Bronze place marker repaired

We do quite a bit of work for a local cemetery, from working on their trailers to mowers.  This is a bronze place marker for one of the graves.  While mowing the lawns they drive over these place markers and eventually break off the bolt attachment.

all threads welded back on bronze place marker

Typically the heat from the welding would discolor the top side.  We remedy that by using several wet rags as a heat sink and put small stitch welds a little at a time on each all thread in rotation.

We used an aluminum bronze welding wire .035 diameter and straight Argon as the shielding gas.

Water Tower Repair

We were called out by a Fire Prevention Company to repair some holes in a water tower.  Interestingly enough, they found us on the Google search.

They didn’t want a sprinkler tank any more

Several of the holes Dan was able to patch using one patch, however there were many which required one hole one patch.

several patches

It is always nice to work for a new company and have the opportunity to build a new relationship.  Once they put some paint on this tank it would be difficult to see the repairs without standing right next to it.

Dan used E6010 welding rod which is used in many different applications including gas line and water lines.  It is a nice rod to use when welding on thin material.  The patches are  10 gauge sheet metal which is the approximate thickness of the tank walls.  10 gauge is nearly as thick as 1/8 inch.

Stake side replacement

A local delivery company did not like the usability of the stake sides on their flat beds.

Typical stake sides on flat bed

They had several concerns –

1.  With use the panels became out of square and so were difficult to take out and  put back in

2.  Loss of panels when they were miss placed

3.  Damage to panels when they were not removed and placed carefully in stacks

4.  Sometimes the panels would only fit in one location which at times made it difficult to put the panels back in if they didn’t remember where each came from.

We feel they now have a system which remedies these concerns

Hinged trailer side panels in the up and locked position

This is a 48 foot flat bed trailer, it has a total of 12 – 4’x8′ hinged panels on the sides.

Hinged Side Panel in the down position

Each Panel can be taken down individually

Close up of safety pin and sleeve welded into trailer rail, two of which are on each side panel

Each panel has the typical slide lock at the top corners but also has two safety pins at the bottom.  This allows the driver to unlock the panel at the top with out fear that the panel will swing down on its own.

Chiller base modification

Modified the base attachments on two Chillers in Milpitas.

We drilled 12 inches into the concrete and epoxied a 5/8″ stainless steel all thread using Simpson Set XP epoxy.

The initials CEL where written by the inspector indicating the welds passed inspections.

There were 8 total locations

I used E7018 welding rod, a rod which can be used in all Structural applications were mild steel is being welded.