Certified Welding

Aaron Crain holds many different certifications including Pipe, Plate, Rebar, Sheet Steel, and Pan Decking.  He is certified in many processes, procedures, and configurations to weld several different metals including Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel.

Many of Aaron’s certifications are with several different processes. For instance, he is certified all position unlimited thickness on plate using SMAW and FCAW both E71T-8 and E71T-1, flux core and dual shield, and all position up to 3/4″ plate open root using GMAW.  His Rebar certifications include full pen butt joints using both SMAW and FCAW, full pen Tee joints using SMAW and FCAW, Flare bevel groove using FCAW and SMAW both rebar to plate and rebar to rebar.

Recently, holding a WPS has become as important as having the Certification. Aaron holds the WPS on most of his certifications, and can get the WPS for those processes or positions he doesn’t have.

Call us at (916) 600-8993 for more information on our welding certifications.

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