Aluminum Bar Stool Repair

A local high end outdoor living retail store contacted us about repairing a piece of furniture they sold a couple of years ago.  The manufacture would not warranty the piece any more.

Aluminum bar stool pieces

The aluminum bar stool came to us in four pieces.

Aluminum Bar Stool in one piece

We were able to put it back together for less then half the cost of a new piece.

This opened the door to a new customer, the outdoor furniture store has since sent us a couple of other small aluminum repair projects.  This is the way we grow, satisfying one customer at a time.

Aluminum Lid for In Ground Concrete Junction Boxes

These are lids for large in ground junction boxes.  The manufacture sent them with out with out the vertical attachment plates.

They needed the connection angles welded before the lids could be shipped to the jobsite.

I centered and welded the connection angles so when lid is placed in the concrete junction box the lid can be attached to the junction box.


One finished lid in the concrete junction box.


Repaired Aluminum Oil Filter Bracket

I was at Chatfields in Sacramento, CA.  They have a large front loader and the Aluminum Oil Filter Bracket was broken.   Asked if I could fix it and sure enough I had no problem.  I never know what I will need when out on repair calls so its nice that I can have just about everything on my truck for what ever I need.

Repaired crack in Aluminum Oil Filter Bracket while still on the engine

This is a close up of the same Alumimum Oil Filter Bracket