Repaired Worn Pin for Cable Pulley

This is a couple pictures of a quick job I did for Mike at Downtown Auto.  By the way if any of you work downtown near Richards and I-5 you should look him up.  When I worked for Elmer’s in that area Mike would ride his bike to pick up the vehicle from our shop to do what ever maintenance then bring the vehicle back and ride his bike back to his shop.  A really good service.

Below – Pulleys turn on these two pins, its part of his auto lift, one of the pulleys got worn pretty badly and it started to wear the pin out. 

 When I got there the pin was worn over 3/4 of the way thru. 

 I cut the old pin out and welded a new one in, complete with the cotter pin holes.

I appreciate working with you Mike

Sloppy Pivot Pins on Large Front Loader


Chatfields in Sacramento, CA has an old large front loader.  They had an issue with the pivot pins in the lifting arms and dump arms breaking the keeper bolts and the pins evenually starting to slide out.

  They wanted me to just weld the pins in place, however that would not have solved their problem.  The pivot pins where getting loose because either they were wearing out or the bushings were wearing out.  In other words the hole the pin was in was either to large for the pin because the bushings were worn out or the pin was too small due to it being worn out.  If I had welded the pin in place the welds would have eventually broken due to the stress on the pin from working in a sloppy hole.  The correct fix was to replace either the bushings or the pins or both.  The field quick fix is to weld something to the opposite side of the pin so the pin cannot come out.  I had some 1/2″ x 1/2″ solid square bar on my truck and used that as the keeper so the pin would not slide out.  I just welded the square bar to the pin so the pin was not locked in.