Chiller base modification

Modified the base attachments on two Chillers in Milpitas.

We drilled 12 inches into the concrete and epoxied a 5/8″ stainless steel all thread using Simpson Set XP epoxy.

The initials CEL where written by the inspector indicating the welds passed inspections.

There were 8 total locations

I used E7018 welding rod, a rod which can be used in all Structural applications were mild steel is being welded.

Repair Stainless Steel rolling table

Jack at BMH Equipment, Inc.,, asked that I look at this stainless steel table which is used in a hospital here in Sacramento, CA.  One leg is completely broken off and another was nearly broken off.  Someone had tried to fix it before but it did not hold.  Given the apparent use of the table we agreed that the table needed more than just welding the leg back on. 

I welded Stainless steel gussets to each leg to strengthen that connection.  

Then blended the welds so the repair was asthetically pleasing.